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  • Buy high purity research chemicals with custom packaging

Boric acid chunk has a big market in UK, Netherlands, Mexico.

Scales flake Boric acid white powder is used as an precursor for chemical synthesis.

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Common NameBoric acid chunk
CAS Number11113-50-1
Molecular FormulaBH3O3
AppearanceWhite powder or triclinic axial plane scaly shiny crystal
Synonymsboric acid flakes, B(OH)3, boric acid powder, boric acid china supplier, boric acid chunk, boric acid block, fishscale boric acid flakes
fishscale boric acid flakes description

What is boric chunk acid?
Boric acid, more specifically orthoboric acid, is a compound of boron, oxygen, and hydrogen with formula B(OH) 3. It may also be called hydrogen borate or boracic acid. It is usually encountered as colorless crystals or a white powder, that dissolves in water, and occurs in nature as the mineral sassolite.

What is boric acid used for?
Uses. Boric acid is used as a fireproofing agent for wood, as a preservative, and as an antiseptic. It is used in the manufacture of glass, pottery, enamels, glazes, cosmetics, cements, porcelain, leather, carpets, hats, soaps, artificial gems, and in tanning, printing, dyeing, painting, and photography.

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